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We're Jennifer and Daniel Cooke. We met in college, skipped our graduation ceremony to attend our rehearsal dinner, got married the next day, and drove off to Gatlinburg for our honeymoon! 

As a teenager, Daniel prayed for a wife whom he could serve alongside to accomplish God's mission as a team; however, he never realized that this would include working together as a husband/wife photography team.

In college, Jennifer said she would never do weddings, but that was before she started building meaningful relationships with her couples that went beyond the art of photography. 

"We honestly never realized how impactful the relationships with our clients would become."
- Jen & Daniel

fast forward 5 years, and here we are!

About us

I honestly never knew we would do weddings

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When my older sister had her first baby boy, it gave me such motivation to work hard and serve our couples so that we could have the freedom to travel to see Anthony, my sister, and her husband more often. Little children have become such an important part of our life and our journey together!

our nephew Anthony is one of our reasons for what we do

our why

when he was born, it gave me a new motivation...

bright, spring, sundresses are my fav!



caramel lattes from Honest Coffee



the color, the smell, my ice cream maker, anything really!



my husband, siblings, parents, & my nephew Anthony



my favorite things:

musicians, best friends, travelers, siblings, entrepreneurs, & coffee shop lovers

A Little Behind The Scenes into Our World 

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I believe every bride should receive a unique experience crafted towards what she loves best! It is my absolute favorite to photograph you during these sweet seasons of life! 

I love aloe plants, caramel lattes from Honest Coffee, sunlight, organizing, kittens, anything lavender, & exploring new places with my husband and second shooter, Daniel! 

photographer, wife, Christ follower, & plant lover

meet jennifer

Hi, I'm jennifer

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I'm Jennifer's husband, forever adventure buddy, second shooter, & music lover. I assist on wedding days by photographing, having fun with the groom & groomsmen, helping carry equipment, calling names during family formals, adding some dance moves during the reception, and getting anything Jennifer needs while she's busy photographing everything! 

When I'm not photographing weddings, you'll find me composing for film and media or working on my musical theatre songs. I also love playing games and spending time with my family and friends! 

husband, photographer, film composer, & music lover

meet daniel

Hi, I'm Daniel

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