Wedding Planning Checklist + Printable Checklist

Wedding planning checklist with real florals in the background and wedding rings in a dish
Wedding planning checklist with real florals in the background and wedding rings in a dish

Hey Bride to Be!

If you’re at the beginning of the planning process and you need some help, Book a FREE Call with Us, and we can help point you in the right direction! We are Jennifer and Daniel Cooke, Nashville Wedding Photographers for detail oriented, joyful, and excited brides serving Tennessee, Virginia, and wherever you want to take us!

Daniel and Jennifer, Nashville Wedding Photographers for detail oriented & joyful brides desiring fun moments and a forever legacy!

FIRST things FIRST! You’re engaged! Congratulations! Take some time to enjoy the initial
excitement of the event! During this time or after, I recommend talking with your fiancé and
deciding upon your unique wedding vision.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Keep reading until the end, and I’ll give you my FREE Wedding Checklist for you to use! 🙂

I’m Jennifer, and I’m super excited to help take the overwhelm away as you plan YOUR wedding! We are Nashville Wedding Photographers serving Tennessee, Virginia, & wherever else you want to go! You can See More About Us Here Or…

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Second, I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner who can help you with all the details. They really know what they are doing and will help you a TON!!!

Next, sit down & create a budget together! Decide what your TOP 3 Most Important Vendors are to you and allocate most of your budget to those vendors that you truly care most about! When choosing your TOP 3 Most Important Vendors, really think about what you DESIRE to REMEMBER from your wedding day! Make sure to PRESERVE those memories!

Once you have your budget, pick a date and start looking for and touring venues! Fun fact!!! Did you know that you do NOT need to have your venue booked before officially hiring your photographer or videographer? So many brides think that they HAVE to have their venue booked, but you actually don’t! However, you really should book your venue ASAP!

During this time, you can start shopping for your bridal gown, choosing your bridal party,
creating your guest list, and searching for your perfect photographer/photographers! As wedding photographers, I recommend that you hire photographers who you truly LOVE and DESIRE to be there for
you on your wedding day! It’s not just about photos. It’s about a relationship, being in the moment, AND preserving your wedding day memories FOREVER!

More Helpful Tips…

  1. Search for and hire a wedding videographer who can help you preserve your wedding day feelings and emotions through the art of visual storytelling! Ask yourself, will I regret not having my wedding day memories filmed to look back on forever?
  2. Hire a florist. Real florals smell beautiful on your wedding day, and they look GORGEOUS in wedding photos! Want to keep your wedding bouquet but still desire REAL FLORALS? You can hire a professional to preserve your wedding bouquet after your wedding so you can keep it to remember forever! BONUS PERKS: You can have beautiful smelling flowers on your wedding day, gorgeous portraits, detail images, AND keep your bouquet FOREVER!
  3. Start searching for your DJ, band, caterer, and florist!
  4. Build your wedding website! Why should you have a wedding website? A wedding website is like your home base for your wedding planning details to show to your guests! It’s a great way to give everyone the information they desire without having to explain it a million times!
  5. If you haven’t already, go ahead and search for your bridesmaid dresses! I also recommend making sure your ladies are comfortable wearing the dresses you select!


Wedding Planning Checklist for Brides needing help planning their wedding!!!


BOOK your wedding photographer/photographers (Book a Free Call with Us) early & hire one who includes an engagement session within their collection! This way you can schedule an engagement session with them & use the pictures for SAVE THE DATES and your wedding website!

These are my BEST tips for the beginning of the planning process. Download my FREE Wedding Planning Checklist!

Use Code: “2024BRIDE” & Get Our Printable Wedding Checklist HERE! You can have this extremely valuable and helpful resource that will save you time and overwhelm for FREE!!! It’s our gift to you as you plan!

Printable Wedding Planning Checklist for Brides

To get the rest of my wedding tips, go ahead and DOWNLOAD OUR WEDDING CHECKLIST!

Want help planning your wedding and need some advice? We are Jennifer and Daniel Cooke, Nashville Wedding Photographers, and we’d love to help you as you search for your perfect wedding photographers! Click here to Book a Complimentary Discovery Call with Us or See More About Our JC Wedding Experience!

Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to help you! 🙂

xoxo, Jennifer & Daniel

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