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BEST Online Gallery for Photographers

Best Online Gallery for Photographers | Cloudspot Galleries is amazing!

Cloudspot gallery is the Best Online Gallery for Photographers!

Written By Jennifer Cooke Photography, LLC

Cloudspot Gallery is the Best Online Gallery for Photographers. Cloudspot is easy to use, professional in appearance, and beautiful! Cloudspot Gallery works great for both new and advanced photographers! In the video below, I explain 5 reasons as to WHY I LOVE and USE Cloudspot as my gallery delivery software of choice!

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I’ve been wanting to make this video for several months now because I LOVE how this gallery provider delivers a GORGEOUS experience to my wedding, family, and senior clients!

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1) Cloudspot, the Best Online Gallery for Photographers, is Beautiful, Clean, and Elevated!

I absolutely LOVE how this online gallery LOOKS!

When my clients open their final gallery, I want their experience to be AMAZING! This is why I chose to use Cloudspot because I really felt that their online galleries look GORGEOUS! A few other features I like about Cloudspot Galleries are…

You can create different folders within each gallery to organize the different parts of the wedding day. You can also do this for senior sessions, family sessions, newborn sessions, etc.; however, I believe it is most common for wedding photographers to use this organization feature.

Cloudspot makes it super easy to keep your galleries organized within categories and tags. I’ll explain this more in reason #4 so keep on reading!

It’s also very important to store your images on an online gallery so your clients have an amazing experience with you when they finally receive their images from you! Speaking of this…

2) Cloudspot Gallery has amazing online photo storage!

Cloudspot is truly the best online gallery for photographers because it allows you to store all your edited images online!

This is a great because it gives you peace of mind that you have cloud backup storage for all your recent, edited images and wedding days. It’s a great third, fourth, or even fifth backup service!

You can also open the online gallery and download both social media sized and high resolution sized digital images. This is AMAZING because I don’t have to dig through my hard drives and solid state drives to find a particular edited photo when I want to post it on my social media accounts for organic marketing and sharing. I can simply login to my online gallery, go to a wedding gallery, and download a social media sized image to share on my Instagram and Facebook account! It’s way faster than searching through my hard drives and solid state drives to find that image!

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3) Cloudspot Gallery has a Print & Products Shop!

Cloudspot is definitely the best online gallery for photographers because it allows your clients to purchase prints and products through the online gallery!

You can choose which professional printing lab you want to order prints from such as Miller’s Lab, WHCC, and Mpix. I mainly choose to use Miller’s Lab, but you can look into each lab and see which one you’d like to use!

I highly recommend telling your clients about the ONLINE SHOP because your clients oftentimes just do not know that they can order prints, canvas wall art, and albums through their online gallery! I believe it’s super important to let them know about this feature when they book you for their wedding day experience! If you are a family photographer or senior photographer, it’s also important to let your clients know of the shop feature too!

4) Cloudspot Gallery has great organization!

Cloudspot allows you to tag individual client galleries according to their specific category.

Examples of gallery tags are wedding, event, family, senior, product, newborn, etc. This keeps your galleries very organized. It also helps you to see how many weddings or family sessions you have done!

It’s a great way to look back over your work at the end of the year and see how far you’ve come as a wedding photographer, family photographer, senior photographer, etc.!

5) Cloudspot Gallery has cover photos, gallery names, and dates.

Cloudspot allows you to add a cover photo to each of your galleries as well as a name and a date to each gallery.

Adding a cover photo helps to create an aesthetic look to your entire gallery!

If you are a light and airy wedding photographer, choose a light and airy image for your gallery cover. If you are a dark and moody wedding photographer, choose a dark and moody image for your gallery cover. If you are a true to color wedding photographer, choose a true to color image for your gallery cover.

If you are a wedding photographer, use couple portraits & ring photos as your cover images. Add variety, but also keep your cover photos consistent to showcase your BEST work!

You can name your galleries and add a date as to when the session or event occurred.

Why Should You Use Cloudspot Gallery???

I chose to use Cloudspot galleries since it was designed to have an elevated and professional look! As a wedding photographer who desires to give each of my couples an incredible experience, I need a gallery provider that not only delivers images, but also provides a BEAUTIFUL DELIVERY EXPERIENCE for my couples!

Cloudspot galleries does this for me. In the video above (around 00:7:30), watch to see a behind the scenes of what my Cloudspot gallery looks like on the inside when I deliver a wedding gallery to my couples!

A few other nice features…


Cloudspot allows you to create discount codes that you can send out to your clients around the holidays! This is a great feature that you can consider incorporating into your business around the holidays!


Cloudspot allows you to set up your own, unique branding to make your shop look unique to you! You can add your logo and a banner photo for customization.


Cloudspot gallery is hands down the Best Online Gallery for Photographers because it incorporates a CRM into their photo storage online software!

This is my new favorite perk of Cloudspot galleries!

Cloudspot Studio is a new feature within Cloudspot galleries in which you can create contracts, invoices, and questionnaires to send to your clients. I am actually going to start using this feature because I am starting to love the ease of client experience that Cloudspot is providing for no extra cost to photographers. Cloudspot is truly thinking about what photographers need in their business and adding this to their software for no extra cost! Cloudspot is basically combining their online gallery software with a new CRM software for photographers, which is absolutely amazing!

If this is a reason for you to go try Cloudspot, here’s my discount code link again for you to use towards your first year with Cloudspot!


Earlier, I explained about the “folder” feature in Cloudspot. I use this feature to create a “Jen’s Favorites” folder at the beginning of my wedding galleries. I showcase the BEST of the BEST wedding day images in the “Jen’s Favorites” folder. In the video above, I show you an example of this! Go check it out and consider subscribing if you’d like to see more videos like these!

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Here’s that Cloudspot Discount Code for you again!

xoxo, Jennifer

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