How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding portraits will last a lifetime, so it’s important to pick a wedding photographer who you love and whose work you love. It’s not just about finding the most affordable wedding photographer for your day. It’s about finding the right photographer who you vibe with and will provide you with an amazing experience you will never forget! I truly believe it’s about finding a photographer who you truly connect with on a deeper level, and you want this person to be there for you on your wedding day just like a friend is!

If I were looking for a wedding photographer again….

I would look for someone who I felt connected to just by seeing their work, their website, and who they truly are as a person! Here are the things I would look for…

Photography Style

When searching for the right wedding photographer, I would first look for a photographer whose style IMMEDIATELY jumps out at me as soon as I land on their website! It’s highly important that you love their editing style and overall images they photograph! This is the first thing to look for.

Photographer’s Personality – How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Next, I would look at their about me page and see if I would really vibe with their personality and connect with their story. You want someone to be fully there for you on your wedding day, so it’s highly important that this person would be like a good friend on your wedding day helping you celebrate the day! You really want to find someone who openly shares their story in a way that makes you feel truly connected to them! If you’d like to see more about our story, you can see more about us by clicking the button below!

In my honest opinion, personality and style are the two most important factors to look for when choosing the right photographer for your wedding day! They are going to be spending the most time with you on your wedding day, so you really want to make sure you love them as a person! The next most important factor is client experience.

Client Experience

If you’ve found a wedding photographer whose style you love and whose story you love, chances are that because they’ve put a lot of work into their branding, they also will have an amazing client experience to offer you!

What do I mean by client experience?

Client experience is going above and beyond to ensure that your couple has an amazing wedding photography experience with you from initial inquiry until final gallery delivery and legacy wedding album delivery. Photographers who value client experience like to incorporate fun surprises throughout the wedding planning process! They don’t just show up and take photos. They work with you to plan your wedding day photography experience as well as make the whole process just fun for you! Professional Wedding Photographers can only do this for those couples who choose an experience over just photos!

An amazing client experience is what makes or breaks the entire photography experience for you! We highly recommend hiring a wedding photographer who truly values you, your story, and your experience working with them! 🙂

Professional Things to Look For

Business License – How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

You want to make sure that the wedding photographer you are looking at has a business license. This helps you to know that they are a legit company.


You also want to make sure that the wedding photographer you are considering has business insurance because this protects everyone involved. And some venues require proof of both your photographer’s business license and insurance for them to photograph your wedding.

Contract – How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Contracts are 150% needed. It is so important for you to have a written contract with your photographer. Your photographer should provide this, and if they don’t have a contract, you shouldn’t hire them. Contracts specify the terms of your agreement, how much you are investing, delivery dates, and many other important details. This is all very important.

Photo of an online gallery, How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Photo of an online gallery, wedding photography day

Photo of an online gallery, How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Online Gallery

It’s important to make sure that your photographer will deliver your photos to you via an online gallery so that you can view your photos online for up to six months or sometimes even a year or longer after your wedding date! The online gallery may also include a shop for you to order prints, which is a huge perk!

Photography Timeline Assistance

Do your research and see if your wedding photographer offers help with a day of photography timeline! We certainly do this for all our brides because it’s our job to help them structure the day in the best possible way to get them all the photos they desire! As professional wedding photographers, we understand lighting, and so we help you plan your timeline to get the best romantic portraits and golden hour portraits as possible!

Engaged couple in a field during golden hour, How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Engagement Session

On the photographer’s experience page, you should be able to see if they offer a complimentary engagement session when you book one of their collections. I would highly recommend choosing a wedding photographer who offers this because it’s a wonderful time to get to know your photographer even more in person! It’s also a great time to learn their posing techniques so that you are 110% confident and comfortable with them on your wedding day.

Look at Client Reviews

It’s important to look at their client reviews because this is where you can hear from other couple’s experiences working with the wedding photographer! Click the button below to see what our couples have said about working with us!

To help you, here’s another article I wrote explaining 20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer! And guess what?! I answer them myself for our business, so you don’t even have to ask me them! You can just find out for yourself!

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