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HoneyBook Discount Code

I know EXACTLY why you’re here, so I’m just going to get straight to the point of this blog and give you my HoneyBook Discount Code towards your First Year using this wonderful CRM! Here you go, just use the link below to get 50% OFF Your First Year using HoneyBook!

If you want to learn more about HoneyBook and everything this wonderful CRM can do to grow your business, stick around for more helpful information!

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Hey there! My name is Jennifer Cooke, and I’m a Nashville Wedding Photographer. I’ve been using HoneyBook in my business now for several years, and I’ve loved using it to book my photography clients faster and easier than ever. For example, I was able to book a family session within about 2 to 3 hours after starting to talk with the client through Facebook messenger. Once my client was ready to book, all I had to do was ask for her email address, and email her the contract and invoice through HoneyBook. HoneyBook makes client bookings fast, easy, and efficient! I highly recommend that you use this software in your business!

I also recommend HoneyBook to wedding planners, videographers, florists, makeup artists, wedding artists, venue owners, and any other small business owner that needs an easy to use booking system for their clients. And even better for you, I have a HoneyBook discount code that you can use towards your first year with HoneyBook!

10 Things HoneyBook Can Do for Your Business

Now, if you want to learn more about HoneyBook, here are 10 other wonderful things that HoneyBook can do for your business that’s NOT contracts or invoices! Although HoneyBook does provide amazing contracts and invoices, they also provide other great features that can help you grow your business! You can read more about HoneyBook’s Online Contract Signing Software for Small Businesses here!


You can build customized automations within HoneyBook to speed up your workflows, save you time, and focus your efforts on serving your current clients better while booking more clients! A great example of this would be building a wedding photography experience workflow or a wedding planning experience workflow.


There’s a Calendar so you can keep track of all your client projects and events within one place to make sure you do not double book yourself. This is very important when it comes to business.


You can add tasks within HoneyBook, and you can set when these tasks need to be completed. You can set deadlines so you complete your client work on time.

Time Tracker

HoneyBook lets you track your time so you can see exactly how much time you are spending on each client project. This is HUGE and an amazing feature! It will help you to work faster because you can truly see how much time you are spending on each client project.


You can integrate other apps and softwares within HoneyBook including Zoom, Google Contacts, Calendar, Quickbooks, Calendly, Meta Leads, Slack, Monday, and Asana. I personally use zoom for my client consultations and timeline meetings.

Lead Forms

You can use HoneyBook to integrate Lead Forms onto your website so that your inquiries will be imported directly into HoneyBook. There are many different kinds of lead forms you can integrate including one-time consultation, introductory call, inquiry form, instant booking, speaking engagement, partnership form, mini-session, VIP day, and digital product. This is powerful, you all! This will definitely save you time in your business and keep all your leads organized in one place!

Contact Forms

You can also use HoneyBook to integrate Contact Forms onto your website so that everyone who contacts you from your website goes directly into HoneyBook for an organized workflow. HoneyBook comes with a default contact form that you can customize to your needs and add to your website!

Gift Cards

I personally love this feature because you can send gift cards to your past, present, or future clients to surprise them! You can also use gift cards as a booking incentive in your business. The trick is to provide value to your client! This makes them excited and more likely to book with you!

Template Gallery

HoneyBook has a Template Gallery for contracts which is great because it’s a great starting place for you to start building your contracts for your clients! They have over 80 templates you can choose from!

Batch Emails

You can send out Batch Emails to your different contacts at one time making it easy to send out promotions in your business quickly and efficiently.

HoneyBook Discount Code

Ready to try out HoneyBook for yourself, we’d love to help you towards your first year!

I really hope this information has helped you today in the decision making process. If you would like to see more helpful information about HoneyBook, you can see more about HoneyBook in this blog post, BEST Online Contract Signing Software for Small Businesses!

Thanks for reading!


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