Family Outfit Picture Ideas for Your Next Session

Family Outfit Picture Ideas

Hey there! I’m Jennifer and welcome to my article about family outfit picture ideas! More specifically, I wrote this article to explain how you should choose your family’s outfit for your family session with me! As a photographer, I believe it’s vital for me to guide you through the process of choosing outfits for your family. When you choose to book your family session experience with us, we will provide you with our custom designed style guide built just for families! And we only send this special guide to families who book their family session with us!

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For those families just looking for some guidance on how to pick your family’s outfits for your next family session, I have created this article to help guide you in the right direction. Keep reading to understand the five basic steps I recommend taking when choosing your family’s outfits!

1) Choose Light Clothing

Choosing light colored clothing for your family is important for a light and airy photography style because light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb light. I recommend choosing light, pastel type colors for your family to wear. Below you can see an example:

family wearing the best family outfit picture ideas

2) Pick a Color Theme – Family Outfit Picture Ideas

Picking a color theme for your family can help to give a cohesive look when you come to your family session. For example, if you’re doing an in-home family session (we love to do those), you could choose light pink, white, and gray as your color theme! Below is a beautiful example of this color theme:

Franklin, TN family sitting on their living room couch, family outfit picture ideas

Family of 7 wearing bright, long dresses and beautiful outfits at their family session!

3) Select Long, Flowy Dresses – Family Outfit Picture Ideas

Selecting long flowy dresses for the ladies helps to elevate the entire feel of the session! Spring colored, flowy dresses are just beautiful and so fun to wear during your family session!

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Best Family Outfit Picture Ideas for your next family session with your two cute doggies!

4) Wear Long, Khaki Pants and a Button Up Shirt

I’m a believer that men should wear long, khaki pants and a button up shirt to their family session. Dress as if you were going to church on Easter Sunday. This is how men should dress for family sessions. I also highly recommend that men where khaki pants, not jeans to their session. This helps to elevate the look of your family photos.

Beautiful family at a park wearing stunning outfits

We are so excited for you as you plan your next family session! We’d love to come alongside you, as a family ourself, and help you plan the family session experience of your dreams!

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