Hire the Right Family Photographer

Hire the Right Family Photographer

It’s that time of year again for family photos and you’re looking to hire the right family photographer. First, you’re wondering what you should look for in a family photographer? Second, you’re wondering what you and your family should wear to your family session! My name is Jennifer Cooke, and I’m a Nashville Family Photographer whose mission is to document loving and joyful families who value every precious milestone while desiring to build their family’s legacy!

I know you have so many questions, and I’m here to tell you that we guide you through our entire family experience from start to finish so you don’t have to stress or worry about a thing! Over the years, we’ve had the wonderful blessing of serving many families while capturing their children growing up!

I’ve written this article to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a family photographer.

family in a bright, summer field, Hire the right family photographer

1) Photography Style

First, select a family photographer whose style you absolutely love! Even if it means driving a few hours or taking a family trip to another state to have your yearly family photos documented! If you love the photographer’s style, chances are, you’ll probably love the photographer behind the camera too! This brings me to my second point.

family of five walking in a bright, summer field in Tennessee, hire the right family photographer

2) Photographer’s Story – Hire the Right Family Photographer

Every photographer has a story, and every photographer has a family they were born into or became a part of at some point in their life. If a photographer is photographing families, it’s important that they are open about their family’s story and their life experiences. This gives you a connection point with the photographer and helps you to know and understand them before you even show up to your family session experience with them. It also establishes trust between you and the photographer. Also, if the photographer has taken the time to explain their story, they are going to value you, your family, and your story as well because they understand that every family has a unique story to share.

Two girls running together in a bright, summer field

As a family photographer myself, we do this for all our families because the families we get to serve through the art of photography become a part of our story and journey as well. I have countless stories of how we’ve been blessed by serving our JC Families. This brings me to my second reason. Choose a family photographer who you personally resonate with. You want to feel connected to them and their story. And you can only do this if the photographer is open about who they are on their website. If you’d like to see more about who we are as photographers, click the button below to see more about us and our story!

To explain this point even further, I decided to write a blog post explaining Daniel’s and my story! You can see our story by clicking the button below!

Read Jennifer & Daniel’s Story (Coming Soon)!

3) Client Experience – Hire the Right Family Photographer

Client experience is vitally important when selecting a family photographer because you want to know that your investment is a valuable investment as well as an overall amazing experience that will have you telling your friends and family about your experience! This is what we strive to do for all our families. We love going above and beyond to serve you and provide you with a fun, wonderful family photography experience, beautiful digital images as well as physical products to display in your home! Our client experience is built off of trust and understanding that we do everything we can to make your experience different than anything else you could experience. Our process and our work is different, and we’ve built our entire client experience to reflect how much we care about you and your family’s legacy!

If you’d like to see more about our family photography experience, you can click the button below to understand what we do even more!

4) Session Offerings

When hiring a family photographer, it’s important to understand what they offer. Normally, this will be explained by a phone call, an investment guide, and a contract. A contract is vitally important when hiring a photographer. If they don’t offer a contract, don’t hire them. A professional contract protects you both, and that’s an important factor to consider when looking for the right family photographer.

To explain a little more about what we actually do, we offer two types of family photography. First, we offer outdoor family sessions. Second, we offer in-home newborn and family sessions. And of course, we also offer maternity sessions as well. I want to give some back story as to why we offer both outdoor family sessions and in-home family sessions. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing my first in-home family session, and I loved it! It was so much fun to be in this family’s home celebrating the birth of their fifth child and documenting this time in their family’s life. Therefore, I decided that I definitely wanted to start offering this style of photography session even more. Below are a few images from this beautiful newborn session!

Hire the right family photographer to photograph your family's legacy!

Hire the right family photographer who will capture your family right where they are in life!

Newborn baby swaddled

Newborn baby swaddled in a pink blanket

Family of seven sitting on their white bed smiling at their newborn baby!

If you’d like to see their full in-home newborn session, click the button below!

5) Hiring the Right Family Photographer for Your Family’s Legacy

It all comes down to hiring a family photographer who truly values you, your family, and your forever legacy! You want to work with someone who values this just as much as you do! This way, you can be 100% confident that they will do their absolute best to help you preserve your memories for your family!

If this sounds like what you want in your family photographer, click the button below to see more about our family photography experience!

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