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The Reception Barn at the Venue at Birchwood

Venue at Birchwood

I had the wonderful opportunity of touring Venue at Birchwood this summer, and it is the exact definition of modern, classic, and timeless glam! I absolutely love the architecture and beauty of their buildings. In my opinion, this venue was designed to really draw in those brides looking for an architecturally rich, modern, and bright space for their wedding day!

The Ceremony Building at the Venue at Birchwood

How the Venue at Birchwood was Designed

The Venue at Birchwood was designed to accommodate up to 250 guests, and you can tell that the venue owners thought really hard about how to design every aspect of this property. When guests first arrive to the venue, they can enter into the chapel, which is where the ceremony normally takes place!

The inside of the Chapel at the Venue at Birchwood

The Chapel pews inside at the Venue at Birchwood

The interior walls of the Chapel at the Venue at Birchwood

After the ceremony is complete, guests can move to the outdoor area which is commonly referred to as the cocktail hour space. They even have an open air space and a covered space to choose from depending on weather. This outdoor area has beautiful golden lights that just make the space!

The Cocktail Hour space at the Venue at Birchwood

The beautiful string lights at the Venue at Birchwood

After cocktail hour is over and photos have finished, the guests can then move into the Reception Barn space, which is bright, spacious, and glamorous! Guests can enjoy a delicious meal while watching all of the reception events take place!

The Stunning Chandeliers at the Venue at Birchwood in Spring Hill, TN

The venue provides 26 Wood Tables for the reception.

Chairs and tables inside Birchwood

Tables and chairs inside Birchwood

Unique Design Elements

While I was touring Birchwood, several unique aspects of the venue stood out to me! First, in the Bridal Suite (which is an absolutely radiant space), there’s a curtain area for changing.

The Bridal Changing Space at the Venue at Birchwood

I love this design detail because it gives you and your bridesmaids a choice as to where to change. Second, the Grooms Suite also has a cool space for your groomsmen to change into their attire. As a Nashville Wedding Photographer, I’ve only seen this design detail at a few select wedding venues. This type of detail would definitely be a decision maker for me!

The Bridal Suite at the Venue at Birchwood

The Bridal Suite at Venue at Birchwood

The Bridal Suite is located on the main floor of the Reception Barn to ensure easy access for whenever the bride needs to come and go from this beautiful, white space.

The couch in the Bridal Suite at the Venue at Birchwood

The gorgeous chandelier hanging inside the Bridal Suite at the Venue at Birchwood

The hair and makeup counter in the Bridal Suite at Birchwood

Next, we take a quick peek at the Groom’s Suite…!

The Groom's Suite at the Venue at Birchwood

The Groom Suite at Birchwood

The Groom Suite is located in the basement of the Reception Barn; however, I will add that it’s a very cool looking and rustic groom’s suite. Birchwood definitely took their time when designing these spaces!

The second room of the Groom's Suite

Next, we take a closer look at the outdoor design of Birchwood…!

The Venue at Birchwood sign in Spring Hill, TN

Outdoor Design

As a photographer, I love beautiful romantic portraits of my couples outside their wedding venue in the glowy sunlight. The Venue at Birchwood has carefully designed the outside of their venue to be elegant and just stunning! I love all the greenery and trees that frames the venue!

The Chapel at the Venue at Birchwood

The Chapel and Reception Space at the Venue at Birchwood

Beautiful trees and buildings during summer in Tennessee

Venue at Birchwood Tours

The staff at this venue is just so wonderful and kind. While I was touring and photographing Birchwood, Andrea, was giving a tour to a bride. And I noticed that Andrea was very passionate about explaining everything to this bride, which is a huge deal when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day! How the staff treats potential couples is 110% important!

Birchwood sign

Venue at Birchwood also has their own green background you can use as a photo backdrop, which is a huge design perk!

Green Photo backdrop

Quick Facts about Birchwood

  • Seats for up to 250 Guests
  • 26 Wood Tables
  • Located in Spring Hill, TN
  • 26 Acres
  • The Chapel – indoor ceremony space
  • Bridal Suite (w/private bathroom + changing area)
  • Groom Suite (w/private bathroom + changing area)
  • The Reception Barn
  • Cocktail Hour Space
  • Onsite Kitchen for Caterers
  • Pricing & Packages range between $5,000 to $12,000 depending on which day of the week you have your wedding!
  • Requires a $1,000,000 event insurance policy
  • Sound System for all 3 spaces
  • Arbors for Ceremony
  • Mobile Bars
  • Outdoor Games
  • Lighting
  • 100 Year Old Barn
  • Upstairs Loft for Additional Vendors

Venue at Birchwood Balcony

Birchwood also has a balcony in the reception space that can be used for additional seating, a photo booth, other vendors, or a DJ to setup. The space has some cute couches and a table.

The balcony in the Reception Space

The elegant chairs in the balcony of the reception space

Elegant green chair in balcony

Wooden table in balcony

If you’re looking for the perfect modern and bright space for your wedding day, we as Nashville Wedding Photographers highly recommend this venue! AND if you’re still searching for the right wedding photographer who understands you, your vision, and wants to celebrate your day with you, we’d absolutely love to chat with you!

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