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family posing for photo at Percy Warner Steps

Percy Warner Steps

It was an absolute delight getting to photograph the Belemjian family at Percy Warner Steps in Nashville, TN. And it was actually our second time photographing them. This family has quite a miraculous story, and I’m delighted that Daniel and I were able to be a part of their journey with little Julia!

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Mother holding child at Percy Warner Steps in Nashville, TN

I explained above that this was actually our second time photographing this family because our first session with them was actually supposed to be a maternity session, but little Julia decided to make her appearance a few months early; therefore, we repurposed their first maternity session with us into a family session when Julia was a bit older! You can read more about that story and see their first session with us at the link below!

Our Time Together at Percy Warner Steps

When we first arrived to Percy Warner Steps for their family session, we started taking some pictures by this beautiful entranceway to the fancy staircase that the park featured. I very much loved the architecture of the entrance, and I also loved how the sunlight was beaming through!

Mother and father holding child while smiling at Percy Warner Steps

Nashville, TN family standing underneath a pretty entrance to Percy Warner Steps

After taking a few photos at the entrance, we walked over to where the pretty stairs were. I really love this location because of the scenic and architecturally rich staircase. It provides many opportunities for photos! You can tell here in the images below that little Julia was having a splendid time on the stairs!

Nashville family sitting on Percy Warner Steps

Toddler laughing and smiling at Percy Warner Steps in Nashville, TN

Getting to see Julia again was super fun!!

Toddler crawling at Percy Warner Steps in Nashville, TN

The Beauty of Percy Warner Steps

I also really love the composition of the Percy Warner Steps! It provides a wonderful backdrop, and I very much enjoyed being creative throughout the session with poses and prompts!

Mom and dad and child smiling at camera together at Percy Warner Steps

Mom and dad kissing while baby stares up at them

Working with Lauren and Michael at Percy Warner Steps

I also really want to say that I really love photographing Lauren and Michael’s family! I am so thankful for them and their trust to continue to hire us to photograph their family as little Julia grows up. Family sessions are super important to your family’s legacy because it’s truly how you document your family as you change every year! As a Nashville Family Photographer, I love being able to offer Legacy Family Sessions to our JC Families every year!

Mother laughing at her baby!

They’re all just SO CUTE together!!!

Mother kissing her baby!

family of three smiling at camera

The Beauty of Family

I wanted to take a moment and talk about the beauty of this family and the beauty of family in general. Strong families help to provide a solid foundation in life, and I really believe that Lauren and Michael are doing just that for their family. I’ve gotten to see their journey with Julia (mainly through Instagram), and I think they’ve done a phenomenal job supporting each other while raising her. They spent many weeks (even months) in the hospital with her when she was first born, and I’ve just seen their dedication to her and it’s been beautiful to watch! We need more families like you two!! 🙂

family of three smiling at camera

Family exploring Percy Warner Steps in Nashville, TN

Toddler wearing pink clothes crawling at Percy Warner Steps

Julia really liked the stairs!

family of three smiling while sitting on stone wall at Percy Warner Steps

While this is just an overview of Lauren and Michael’s Percy Warner Steps Family Session, we took so many more images than just this, which I hope to be adding to this blog post soon!

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